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Explore our delightful range of Dachshund Toys at Dachshund Space, specially designed for your Dachshund’s playtime. Each toy in our collection is designed to cater to the unique needs and playful nature of Dachshunds, ensuring hours of fun and engagement for your lovely sausage dog.

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    • dachshund space shop bone toothbrush doxie toydachshund space shop bone toothbrush doxie toy

      Elevate your Doxie’s dental health routine with the Bone Toothbrush Doxie Toy. Tailored exclusively for our endearing sausage dogs, this innovative toy not only serves as a fun-filled plaything but also as an essential dental care tool. Key Benefits: Mighty Chewer’s Delight: Built to withstand even the most enthusiastic of […]

    • dachshund space shop carrot doxie toydachshund space shop carrot doxie toy

      Who said veggies were only for meals? Let your Dachshund indulge in a different kind of vegetable delight with the Carrot Doxie Toy! Thoughtfully designed, this toy merges playtime with dental hygiene in a vibrant and interactive package. Key Benefits: All-Natural Material: Made from cotton rope, ensuring safe and organic […]

    • carrot plush interactive dachshund toycarrot plush interactive dachshund toy - 33 % Off

      ”I’ve started hiding dry kibble in the little pockets of this adorable Carrot Plush Toy, and it’s like a treasure hunt for my Dachshund – he’s absolutely intrigued! It’s a fantastic way to keep him busy and less anxious when he’s flying solo at home.”

      Clara T., our customer

      Watch as your Dachshund turns into a ‘veg-etable’ detective with our Carrot Plush Toy – where every nook is a clue and every kibble a reward! 🥕🔍🐕

      • made from non-toxic plush
      • filled with pp cotton
      • carrots can be used separately for playing fetch
      • interactive dog toy that improves a dog’s intelligence
      • machine washable at 30 C
      • made from durable plush that is resistant to bites and chews
    • dachshund space shop dachshund dog toydachshund space shop dachshund dog toy - 35 % Off

      Bring home an endearing playmate with the Dachshund Dog Toy from Dachshund Space. This adorable doxie, made of soft black and tan fabric, is eagerly waiting to fill your home with joy and cuddles. Key Features: Cuddly Companion: Soft and cuddly, this toy is perfect for snuggle times. Well-Behaved: Designed […]

    • dachshund space shop dachshund iq feeder toydachshund space shop dachshund iq feeder toy - 17 % Off

      Outsmart, outplay, outeat! 😋 Treat your sausage dog to mealtime fun with our Dachshund IQ Feeder Toy! It’s not just a meal; it’s a mind game. 🎮🍖 Say bye to gobbling and hello to genius-level grub time. Is your pup ready for the challenge?

      • Improves a dog’s intelligence
      • Keeps your Doxie occupied while you’re out
      • Great for rewarding a dog after training
      • Perfect for puppies who tend to eat fast
      • Eases separation anxiety symptoms
    • dachshund space shop dachshund stuffed animaldachshund space shop dachshund stuffed animal

      There’s a certain charm about dachshunds that’s simply irresistible! Dive into a world of cuteness and comfort with the Dachshund Stuffed Animal. Whether you’re an avid sausage dog enthusiast or just on the hunt for the perfect whimsical gift, this plush buddy ticks all the right boxes. Key Benefits: Versatile […]

    • dachshund space shop dachshund toothbrush chew toydachshund space shop dachshund toothbrush chew toy

      Elevate your Dachshund’s playtime while promoting optimal dental health with the Dachshund Toothbrush Chew Toy. Meticulously designed for our beloved wiener dogs, this multi-functional toy offers both an enjoyable play experience and a gateway to fresher breath and healthier gums. Key Benefits: Gum Soothing: Soft rubber pins provide a comforting […]

    • dachshund space shop diamond dachshund blocksdachshund space shop diamond dachshund blocks

      Celebrate your unwavering affection for your Dachshund by delving into the world of Diamond Dachshund Blocks! Crafted meticulously for Doxie enthusiasts, this set invites you to assemble and showcase your love for the breed in a fun and tangible way. Key Benefits: Express Your Love: A unique and engaging way […]

    • dachshund space shop doxie cactus interactive chew toydachshund space shop doxie cactus interactive chew toy

      At Dachshund Space, we recognize that our furry little friends deserve only the best, especially when it comes to dental care. Presenting the Doxie Cactus Interactive Chew Toy – the epitome of innovation and safety for your beloved Dachshund’s oral health. What Makes Doxie Cactus Chew Toy Stand Out? Upgraded […]

    • dachshund space shop flying saucer ball doxie toydachshund space shop flying saucer ball doxie toy - 13 % Off

      Launch into playtime with the Flying Saucer Ball Doxie Toy, the innovative game-changer in dog entertainment. Transform your doxie’s playtime into an intergalactic adventure and watch them become a playful space explorer! Out-of-This-World Fun: Exercise with Entertainment: Propel your pup to new heights of activity and joy. As they chase […]

    • dachshund space shop interactive ufo toy for dachshundsdachshund space shop interactive ufo toy for dachshunds

      Embark on a galactic journey with your Doxie with the Interactive UFO Toy designed exclusively for Dachshunds. Not only is it a delightful treat dispenser, but it’s also an ingenious way to challenge and entertain your beloved sausage dog, ensuring they stay engaged and happy even when you’re not around. […]

    • dachshund space shop plush chicken leg toydachshund space shop plush chicken leg toy

      Does your dachshund have that endless chicken leg energy? Treat them to our Plush Chicken Leg Toy! This delightful plaything, made from a premium cotton blend and featuring an internal squeaker, is sure to be their next favorite. With its dimensions of 7.9 inches in length and 2.6 inches in […]

    • dachshund space shop plush squeak sound dachshund toysdachshund space shop plush squeak sound dachshund toys

      Dive into a playful realm with our Plush Squeak Sound Dachshund Toys, designed to captivate your dachshund’s attention and provide hours of fun. This whimsical woodland set includes three endearing characters: the cunning fox, the cheeky raccoon, and the lively squirrel, ready to be your dog’s newest companions. Why Choose […]

    • dachshund space shop plush toys for dachshundsdachshund space shop plush toys for dachshunds

      Transition your Dachshund smoothly through the trials of teething with the Plush Toys For Dachshunds. Skillfully crafted for our special sausage dogs, this interactive toy promises not just playful entertainment but also therapeutic relief. Key Benefits: Teething Relief: Soft yet durable fleece material soothes and massages those painful, swollen gums. […]

    • dachshund space shop pupcream wiener toydachshund space shop pupcream wiener toy

      Spend your Dachshund’s playtime cravings with the Pupcream Wiener Toy – a delightful, dessert-inspired toy that promises endless fun! Crafted to mirror a luscious ice cream, this toy serves up a blend of comfort and entertainment that your Doxie won’t be able to resist. Key Benefits: Soft & Cuddly: Beyond […]

    • dachshund space shop sausage toy for sausage dogdachshund space shop sausage toy for sausage dog

      Treat your beloved Doxie to a playful delight with our Sausage Toy for Sausage Dog. Tailored to mirror their playful nature and love for fun, this toy promises not just interactive play but also a valuable aid for their dental and oral health. Key Benefits: Interactive Fun: The in-built squeaker […]

    Best Dog Toys for Dachshunds

    Dachshunds are known for their intelligence and playful spirit, and our selection of toys reflects just that. The Dachshund IQ Feeder Toy is perfect for stimulating your Doxie's mind, turning mealtime into an interactive puzzle-solving experience. Another favorite is the Carrot Plush Interactive Dachshund Toy, complete with small carrots to engage your pet in a fun hide-and-seek game. For those who love plush toys, our Dachshund Dog Toy offers a soft, cuddly companion for your furry friend. Lastly, don't miss out on the Diamond Dachshund Blocks, an innovative toy that combines the joy of building with the excitement of play.