Dachshund Harnesses

When you think about a wiener dog, the first image that pops into mind is its unique and elongated shape. This makes Dachshund Harnesses not just a luxury but a necessity. At Dachshund Space, we truly understand the anatomy and needs of this special breed, which is why our collection is meticulously crafted for our beloved Dachshunds, also called Dach, Doxie, or Sausage Dog.

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    • dachshund space shop chewy brown dog harness leash setdachshund space shop chewy brown dog harness leash set - 25 % Off

      Discover the Chewy Brown Dog Harness Leash Set, one of our best-selling leash and harness combinations. This set is designed to provide a secure and comfortable experience for your pet during their outdoor adventures. Key Features: Versatile Fit: Available in five different sizes, this harness set is perfect for all […]

    • dachshund space shop colorful dachshund space harnessdachshund space shop colorful dachshund space harness - 29 % Off

      Ensure your stylish wiener dog stays secure and on the right path with our Colorful Dachshund Space Harness. This harness features adjustable straps for a custom fit and is crafted from high-quality cotton for maximum comfort and durability. It’s gentle against your pet’s skin and includes a quick-release buckle for […]

    • dachshund space dachshund reflective harness leashdachshund space dachshund reflective harness leash

      Optimize your doxie’s outdoor fun with our Dachshund Reflective Harness & Leash, a superb creation by Dachshund Space. Expertly designed, it promises a snug fit, safety, and control all bundled into one premium accessory. Premium Comfort: Crafted from high-quality polyester and breathable soft mesh, our harness is lightweight and ensures […]

    • dachshund space harness leashdachshund space harness leash

      Prep your dach for exhilarating escapades with our Dachshund Space Harness & Leash. Presented by Dachshund Space, this harness and leash combo offers the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style. Superior Comfort: Made of breathable mesh with padded edges, our harness assures a cozy wear for your doxie. It’s […]

    • dachshund space reflective harness leashdachshund space reflective harness leash

      Transform every walk into a delightful outing with our Dachshund Space Reflective Harness & Leash! Crafted with the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your little sausage dog in mind, this set will make every outing a pleasure for both of you. Supreme Comfort: The harness, made of soft, breathable fabric […]

    • dachshund space dachshund zipper vestdachshund space dachshund zipper vest - 12 % Off

      Let your wiener dog strut in style and comfort with our Dachshund Zipper Vest! Crafted with input from our valued customers, this top-tier Dachshund vest from Dachshund Space is hailed as the BEST Dachshund Jacket EVER. Seamless Dressing: Featuring a zipper up the back, our vest ensures easy on and […]

    • dachshund space shop doxie reflective harness leashdachshund space shop doxie reflective harness leash

      Elevate your doxie’s outdoor adventures with our Doxie Reflective Harness & Leash. Brought to you by Dachshund Space, it seamlessly combines style, comfort, and safety into a single, essential pet accessory. Ultimate Comfort: Say goodbye to hard edges and buckles! Our harness features a soft, breathable texture designed to be […]

    • dachshund space shop ice cream harness leashdachshund space shop ice cream harness leash - 25 % Off

      Are you in search of a unique and stylish everyday harness for your furry friend but feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Our Ice Cream Harness & Leash set is the perfect solution, designed to meet all your needs for those delightful long walks with your dachshund. This harness, crafted from […]

    • dachshund space shop pawcci bee harness leasahdachshund space shop pawcci bee harness leasah - 9 % Off

      Dress your dachshund in the latest style with our Pawcci Bee Harness & Leash Set! This chic set is more than just a fashion statement – it’s designed to be robust and enduring, capable of accommodating small to large-sized dachshunds with grace. Using a step-in dog harness is straightforward. Lay […]

    • dachshund space shop pawcci harness leashdachshund space shop pawcci harness leash - 25 % Off

      Introduce your Dachshund to the world of high fashion with our highly sought-after Pawcci Harness & Leash set. This set is an absolute crowd-pleaser and a perfect way to let your pet flaunt their unique style. Coupled with our Monogram Print Dog Jacket, your doxie will be the trendsetter of […]

    • dachshund space shop pupreme harness leashdachshund space shop pupreme harness leash - 20 % Off

      Spruce up your dach’s daily walks with our Pupreme Harness & Leash. This premium quality polyester set has been designed with both comfort and style in mind. Not only does it fit most small to medium-sized dogs perfectly, but its quick-release leash feature also ensures convenience during those fun outdoor […]

    • dachshund space shop unicorn harness leashdachshund space shop unicorn harness leash - 25 % Off

      Scouring the internet for that perfect, stylish yet practical harness for your dachshund? Your search ends here with our Unicorn Harness & Leash Set! This complete package is a one-stop solution for enhancing your daily strolls with your wiener dog. Features: Set Type: Comprehensive Harness & Leash Set, ensuring you’re […]

    • dachshund space shop vest harness leashdachshund space shop vest harness leash - 25 % Off

      In search of an everyday harness for your dachshund that’s both stylish and practical? Look no further, our Vest Harness & Leash Set is the perfect solution. This comprehensive set contains everything you need to enjoy an enriching stroll with your beloved pet. The harness is meticulously crafted from breathable […]

    • dachshund space shop winter waterproof harness jacketdachshund space shop winter waterproof harness jacket - 12 % Off

      Say hello to toasty, secure walks with our Winter Waterproof Harness Jacket. Brought to you by Dachshund Space, it’s the perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and safety wrapped in a stylish design. Cozy Warmth: Filled with thick felt, this jacket acts as a thermal layer, shielding your dach from frostbites […]

    Why Do You Need to Use a Dachshund Harness?

    Harnesses, especially those tailored for the Doxie breed, provide an evenly distributed pressure across their chest. Due to the elongated spine of a Dachshund, using a collar can be detrimental, potentially causing strain or injury. A Dachshund harness ensures that our little friends have a comfortable, safe, and injury-free walk or play session. Plus, let's not forget the added control it offers, making those outdoor excursions even more enjoyable.

    Best Selling Dachshund Harnesses

    When you shop at Dachshund Space, you’re not just buying any harness; you're investing in top-quality products crafted with love and understanding of the breed's unique needs. Our Doxie Reflective Harness & Leash set is a crowd favorite, ensuring that your sausage dog remains visible even during those late evening strolls. For the fashionable Doxie, the Pawcci Harness & Leash is a must-have. Available in the chic shades of pink and coffee, it's bound to make your pet the talk of the park. If you’re looking for something magical, our Unicorn Harness & Leash set will surely add a whimsical touch to your Dach's wardrobe.