Pawcci Bee Harness & Leash Set

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Dress your dachshund in the latest style with our Pawcci Bee Harness & Leash Set! This chic set is more than just a fashion statement – it’s designed to be robust and enduring, capable of accommodating small to large-sized dachshunds with grace.

Using a step-in dog harness is straightforward. Lay the harness flat on the ground and guide your dachshund to place its front paws through the designated leg holes. Once both paws are in, lift the harness and fasten it at your wiener dog’s back. Ensure that it’s snug but not overly tight for the ultimate comfort and safety.

Key Features:

  • Stylish designer harness and leash set
  • Easy to use step-in harness
  • Robust and long-lasting nylon material
  • Metal leash rings for extra security
  • Adjustable straps for a tailored fit
  • Secure buckle to prevent accidental release
  • Harness available in 4 adjustable sizes, tailored for dachshunds of various sizes
  • Comes as a complete set with a leash of 160cm (63″) length and 3.8cm (1.5″) width

This Pawcci Bee Harness & Leash Set is more than just a harness; it’s a statement piece that combines style, durability, and comfort for your beloved dachshund.

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Pawcci Bee Harness & Leash Set

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