Dachshund Space Reflective Harness & Leash


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Transform every walk into a delightful outing with our Dachshund Space Reflective Harness & Leash! Crafted with the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your little sausage dog in mind, this set will make every outing a pleasure for both of you.

  • Supreme Comfort: The harness, made of soft, breathable fabric without any harsh edges or buckles, dramatically reduces tugging and pulling on your doxie’s neck, making walks more pleasurable.
  • Safety-Assured: Featuring reflective piping, our harness and leash set enhances your wiener dog’s visibility in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety during those enchanting evening walks.
  • Perfect Fit: With adjustable straps, our harness allows you to tailor the fit to your pet’s size, ensuring utmost comfort.
  • Sturdy Leash Attachment: A robust D-ring at the back of the harness ensures secure leash attachment for a worry-free walk, be it around the block or through the woods.

Our Dachshund Space Reflective Harness & Leash is more than just a walking accessory—it’s a pathway to joyful bonding moments with your beloved dachshund!

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dachshund space reflective harness leash

Dachshund Space Reflective Harness & Leash

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