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    • dachshund space sharky dachshund life jacketdachshund space sharky dachshund life jacket - 20 % Off

      Introducing our “Sharky Dachshund” Life Jacket, a delightful blend of safety and whimsy, available in a variety of lively colors and sizes. Designed to ensure the security of your sausage dog while sprinkling in a dash of joy with its distinct shark-scale features. Special Features: Available in Multiple Colors and […]

    • dachshund space aloha dachshund shirtdachshund space aloha dachshund shirt - 22 % Off

      Embrace the summer season’s tropical trends with our Aloha Dachshund Shirt! We’ve crafted this delightful shirt to add a touch of sunshine and positive vibes to your charming Dachshund’s wardrobe. Key Features: Perfect summer wear: Designed with warm weather in mind, keeping your Dachshund comfortable and stylish Tropical Inspiration: Influenced […]

    • dachshund space bark boxie backpackdachshund space bark boxie backpack

      Make way for our latest addition – the Bark Doxie Backpack. This trendsetting accessory is the perfect companion for your Dachshund’s leisurely strolls in the park or jaunts around the neighborhood. Be prepared for turning heads when your sausage dog struts by with this stylish backpack! Key Features: Perfectly Sized: […]

    • dachshund space bear pattern dog vestdachshund space bear pattern dog vest - 22 % Off

      Unleash your dachshund’s adventurous spirit with our Bear Pattern Dachshund Vest, featuring an engaging bear print against a stylish white backdrop. It’s an excellent way to add some ferocity to your wiener dog’s wardrobe and create a unique summer look! Engaging Bear Pattern: A bold design that allows your sausage […]

    • dachshund space camouflage dachshund swimming vestdachshund space camouflage dachshund swimming vest - 25 % Off

      Introducing the top-tier Camouflage Dachshund Swimming Vest! Meticulously designed for your cherished Doxie, this vest combines unbeatable buoyancy, safety, and a touch of whimsical style. Exceptional Features: Superlative Buoyancy: Our life jacket comes with floating panels on both sides, ensuring your endearing Dach stays afloat effortlessly. Dazzling Design: With high-visibility camouflage […]

    • dachshund space shop chewy brown dog harness leash setdachshund space shop chewy brown dog harness leash set - 25 % Off

      Discover the Chewy Brown Dog Harness Leash Set, one of our best-selling leash and harness combinations. This set is designed to provide a secure and comfortable experience for your pet during their outdoor adventures. Key Features: Versatile Fit: Available in five different sizes, this harness set is perfect for all […]

    • dachshund space chewy v print dog backpackdachshund space chewy v print dog backpack

      Unveiling our newest fashion creation – the Chewy V Print Dog Backpack. Perfect for leisurely strolls in the park or casual neighborhood walks. Your Doxie is set to be the center of attention with this chic backpack! Designed to comfortably hold treats, waste bags, or any other small items, this […]

    • dachshund space classic pupreme doxie tshirtdachshund space classic pupreme doxie tshirt - 22 % Off

      Upgrade your Dachshund’s wardrobe with our best-selling Classic Pupreme Doxie T-Shirt, exclusively available at Dachshund Space! This t-shirt is crafted from 100% premium cotton, ensuring your little sausage dog can strut their stuff in comfort and style. Breed-Specific Design: Our Classic Pupreme Doxie T-Shirt, featuring striking designs on the front […]

    • dachshund space shop colorful dachshund space harnessdachshund space shop colorful dachshund space harness - 30 % Off

      Ensure your stylish wiener dog stays secure and on the right path with our Colorful Dachshund Space Harness. This harness features adjustable straps for a custom fit and is crafted from high-quality cotton for maximum comfort and durability. It’s gentle against your pet’s skin and includes a quick-release buckle for […]

    • dachshund space dachshund backpackdachshund space dachshund backpack

      The Dachshund Backpack is not just a backpack, it’s a thoughtful partner for your beloved Dachshund. Crafted with an expandable design, it offers your sausage dog extra space and improved air circulation for absolute comfort during your outings. Key Features: Expandable Design: Provides your Dachshund with extra space to move […]

    • dachshund space shop dachshund dog toydachshund space shop dachshund dog toy - 35 % Off

      Bring home an endearing playmate with the Dachshund Dog Toy from Dachshund Space. This adorable doxie, made of soft black and tan fabric, is eagerly waiting to fill your home with joy and cuddles. Key Features: Cuddly Companion: Soft and cuddly, this toy is perfect for snuggle times. Well-Behaved: Designed […]

    • dachshund space dachshund outdoor backpackdachshund space dachshund outdoor backpack

      Introducing the Dachshund Outdoor Backpack, the first-ever Dachshund backpack that combines comfort and safety while doubling as a top-notch dog carrier. This unique backpack for Dachshunds establishes a fresh approach to keep your little companion close to you without compromising mobility or lifestyle. It’s a lightweight, plush, and flexible carrier, […]

    • dachshund space shop hawaiian shirtsdachshund space shop hawaiian shirts - 22 % Off

      Get into the tropical spirit with our Dachshund Space Hawaiian Shirts! Your little doxie will surely make a splash this season with these designer Hawaiian shirts. Key Features: Unique island-themed print: Features vintage surfboards, pineapples, flamingos, and palm trees for a vibrant, fun look Secure fastener: A touch fastener closure […]

    • dachshund space luxury transporterdachshund space luxury transporter

      The Dachshund Space® Luxury Transporter is crafted not just to make your journeys with your precious Doxie seamless and enjoyable but also to add a dash of sophistication to your fashion statement. Key Features: Roomy Interior: Provides ample room for your Dachshund to wiggle, breathe and observe their surroundings through the […]

    • dachshund space shop floral leash collar bagdachshund space shop floral leash collar bag

      Ensure your pet walks in style with the Personalized Floral Leash, Collar, and Bag set. This ensemble not only offers a fashionable look but also guarantees durability and control during walks. Key Features: Size Variations: The set is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Please note that all measurements […]

    • dachshund space shop furendi summer tshirtdachshund space shop furendi summer tshirt - 22 % Off

      Spruce up your Dachshund’s style with our trendy Furendi Summer T-Shirt! Designed with the unique needs of Wiener Dogs in mind, this high-quality, fashion-forward t-shirt is an absolute must-have to help your little companion shine. Classic Design: This chic t-shirt, boasting a timeless design, is an ideal piece to help […]