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Best Raincoat For A Dachshund: Top 8 Picks

raincoat for a dachshund

Table of Contents

  1. The Best Features to Look for in a Dachshund Raincoat
    1. Choosing the Right Fabric of a Raincoat for a Dachshund
  2. Reviews of the Top 5 Raincoats for Dachshunds
    1. Choosing the best raincoat for a Dachshund: Wrapping up

You’ve got a new dachshund puppy and you’ve realized that their short legs and long bodies definitely don’t mix well with rainy days. When it’s pouring out, your poor pup ends up soaked to the bone and tracking mud all through the house. It’s time to invest in a raincoat made just for your little wiener dog. Choosing the right rain protection for your doxie does take some consideration though between size, coverage, material, and ease of getting on and off. We’ll walk you through step-by-step how to measure your pup correctly and what features to look for so you can find the perfect raincoat for your darling dachshund. With the right gear, those spring showers will be a breeze to weather with your four-legged friend.

The Best Features to Look for in a Dachshund Raincoat

When choosing a raincoat for your long or short-haired dachshund, look for key features that will keep them dry, comfortable and safe in wet weather. Your Doxie’s comfort and safety should be in the first place.

Choosing the Right Fabric of a Raincoat for a Dachshund

The raincoat should be made of waterproof nylon or vinyl that doesn’t absorb moisture. This will keep their fur and skin dry underneath while out walking. Fleece-lined versions add extra insulation and warmth.

Belly Coverage.

Look for full belly coverage with an extended hem and elastic or adjustable straps to prevent rain from seeping in underneath. Getting their belly wet defeats the purpose of the slicker!

Reflective Stripes.

Add visibility with built-in reflective stripes or piping so cars can see your low-riding dog at night. This is an important safety feature for the breed.

Easy On/Off Design.

Choose a raincoat that easily slips over the head without having to maneuver short dachshund legs into armholes. Adjustable closures like hook & loop fasteners, buckles or snap straps ensure a secure fit.

Comfortable Fit.

The slicker should be lightweight, breathable and roomy enough for easy movement without restricting stride. Measure your wiener dog’s unique proportions for best fit.

No matter which dachshund raincoat you choose, getting them used to wearing it through positive reinforcement will make rainy day walks more pleasant for all! Be sure to remove wet slickers as soon as home to avoid skin irritation.

Reviews of the Top 5 Raincoats for Dachshunds

The Dog Face Raincoat

This Dachshund jacket provides a high level of waterproof protection and coverage for your dachshund. It has an adjustable fit with an easy-on design, reflective trim, and mesh lining that allows for air flow. Made with durable fabric that holds up well to pawing and scratching. The leash portal on the back is a nice touch. You’ll especially adore the hood that will protect your furry friend from the cold and rain.

dachshund space shop the dog face raincoat

Lightweight Hooded Doxie Jacket

This rain slicker from Hurtta offers great coverage and a cozy fleece lining for insulation. The design includes adjustable straps for proper fit and a D-ring for attaching a leash so your doxie stays secure. The high neck provides head and chest coverage from the elements. It may be a bit long for some short-legged Dachshund body types.

But very protective and the fleece lining makes it extra warm and comfy. This raincoat for a Dachshund is available in beige and green and a decorated hood gives a dose of style. The faux fur on the hood will make a fashion statement wherever your wiener dog appears.

dachshund space shop lightweight hooded doxie jacket

Sporty Reflective Dachshund Raincoat

A budget-friendly option, this jacket comes in fun colors with a lightweight, waterproof shell. It includes adjustable straps and an elasticized hem that helps contain body heat. The fabric tends to hold up to moderate use. Keep in mind the velcro closures can catch and pull long fur. But for the price point, it meets basic rain protection needs.

Choose between red, yellow and green and let this raincoat for a Dachshund become a must-have in a rainy weather.

dachshund space spoty reflective dachshund raincoat

Dachshund Space Raincoat

When it comes to providing your furry friend with a waterproof layer on those rainy spring, this lightweight pick will work best. It’s made of a PVC transparent fabric that gives a full body protection in the rain and snow. Your dog can even wear it over one of our Dachdhund clothing picks.

dachshund space shop dachshuhd space raincoat

Faux Leather Dachshund Jacket

Made of water-repellent, faux leather material so it fits close to the body for good mobility. It features a zipper closure on the back for easy dressing and two D-rings to attach the leash. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to buy a separate harness for your Dachshund.

No closures or straps to mess with. Provides warmth as well as water resistance thanks to the waterproof fabric.

dachshund space faux leather dachshund jacket

Barking Jacket by Dachshund Space

This parka style raincoat for a Dachshund offers lots of adjustability with its straps and toggles. The length provides ample rear coverage and belly protection from rain and mud. The waterproof and windproof shell stands up well to wet weather wear and tear. It provides a great dose of room through the chest though. So be prepared to cinch and tighten for a good fit. With some adjustments it can provide great coverage and protection for most Doxies.

dachshund space shop barking jacket

The Dog Face Windbreaker

The perfect raincoat for the wiener pup in your life, this sporty windbreaker protects your dachshund from rain and wind. Crafted from a lightweight yet durable fabric with reflective straps for visibility in low light, it features a convenient zipper closure and adjustable hood to keep your dashund’s ears dry. Perfect for a quick potty break in inclement weather or an outdoor adventure, this doxie raincoat offers cozy, sporty coverage your wiener dog will love.

Crafted from a lightweight, water-resistant fabric blend, the Dog Face Windbreaker protects your miniature dachshund from rain and wind with a sporty, hooded design. Reflective straps and a zipper closure keep the elements out so your pup can explore without worry. Whether you’re trotting through puddles on walks or chasing squirrels in the park, this raincoat turns any dashing dachshund into a storm chaser ready for fun in any weather.

dachshund space shop the dog face windbreaker

CoCo Dachshund Raincoat

This raincoat was tailor made to keep your dachshund dashing through the downpour in style. The lightweight yellow waterproof fabric shields Fido from the wind and rain while the hood and reflective straps help keep him safe and visible.

The sporty design channels your doxie’s daring personality while the zipper closure ensures a snug fit that won’t blow open in a breeze. Whether you’re out for a stroll in the spring showers or braving a winter storm, this dachshund raincoat will keep your wiener dog warm and dry so he can enjoy every puddle and adventure that comes his way.

dachshund space coco dachshund raincoat size guide

Choosing the best raincoat for a Dachshund: Wrapping up

In the end, the “best” raincoat for a Dachshund depends on your own dog’s needs and proportions. But these top-rated options provide good options to consider when choosing waterproof protection for your short-legged pup. Test sizing carefully and watch for potential fit issues that could leave parts of your dog exposed. 

With so many raincoats available, finding one that fits your dachshund’s unique shape can seem daunting. However with patience and an eye for key details, you’ll be able to choose the perfect slicker to keep your pup comfortable and protected from the elements.

Pay attention to your dachshund’s behavior once the coat is on. Any signs of agitation, scratching or restlessness may indicate the coat is too tight, too warm or otherwise uncomfortable. Make adjustments or choose a different option if needed.

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