130 Cutest Dachshund Names in 2024

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We all agree there’s nothing better than bringing a puppy to your family. That small creature will quickly steal your heart and as a new dog owner you’ll face so many questions. One of them is ‘’What are the best dachshund names?’’. Since you have to name your Doxie puppy asap, we decided to make a list of good dachshund names to help you choose the best for your pooch.

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The Beauty of Choosing Dachshund Names

Picking a name for your Doxie is one of the most challenging tasks. Although many of you have preconceived names for their pets, there are still people searching for names that will suit their dachshund’s personality in the best way.

Naming a Dachshund from the moment you bring it home is very important. Since you can’t perform any training lesson without calling out your dog’s name, it’s the first thing you should do. 

Some people choose long and ‘complicated-sounding’ dog names. Well, we have to tell that it’s not such a smart choice. You should pick a short, crisp doxie name that will be ‘easy to hear’ for your dog.

How To Choose The Best Name For Your Wiener Dog?

The Sound and Length

A name’s phonetics and simplicity play a crucial role in a dog’s recognition and response. Short, crisp names often work best, especially during training.

Reflecting the Dog’s Personality

Considering your Dachshund’s unique traits when choosing a name can lead to a more meaningful and fitting selection. Whether your dog is a chocolate, dapple or some other rare-colored Dachshund, you can get an inspiration from his appearance and temperament.

Besides, if you own a rabbit doxie, then you can consider choosing some cute name for your miniature dachshund. 

Cultural and Familial Significance

When naming your Dachshund, considering the cultural and familial significance can add a profound layer of meaning to your pet’s identity. Names are not just identifiers but can be a reflection of heritage, family history, and personal values. By choosing a name with such significance, you not only give your Dachshund a name but also connect them to something larger—a legacy, a culture, or a family tradition.

Honoring Heritage

Many pet owners choose names that reflect their cultural background or heritage. For instance, if you have German ancestry, you might consider a traditional German name for your Dachshund, acknowledging the breed’s origins. Names like “Heinrich” or “Liesel” can serve as a nod to your cultural roots while also fitting the breed’s heritage. This approach can be a way of honoring your ancestors and maintaining a connection to your cultural identity through your pet.

Family Traditions

Some families have traditions of naming their pets after certain themes or using specific starting letters. For example, you might name your Dachshund after a beloved grandparent or use a name that’s been passed down through generations of pets. This can create a sense of continuity and bond within the family, making your Dachshund an integral part of family history.

Commemorative Names

Names can also serve as a tribute to someone special—a way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. Naming your Dachshund after a family member or a friend who had a profound impact on your life can be a beautiful way to honor their memory. Every time you call your Dachshund’s name, it’s a reminder of the person’s influence and love.

Celebrating Culture

Beyond personal or family heritage, you might choose a Doxie name that celebrates a culture you admire or feel connected to. This could be a name inspired by a place you love, a language you speak, or a culture you’ve studied and respect. For example, choosing an Italian name like “Bella” for its beauty and simplicity if you have a love of Italian culture and language.

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100 Best Dachshund Male Names

Here’s a list of 100 unique male Dachshund names to consider:

1. Baxter

2. Finnegan

3. Ziggy

4. Theo

5. Jasper

6. Milo

7. Ollie

8. Gus

9. Rudy

10. Louie

11. Archie

12. Otis

13. Dexter

14. Hank

15. Rocco

16. Apollo

17. Bruno

18. Cedric

19. Darwin

20. Elvis

21. Fletcher

22. Griffin

23. Harvey

24. Igor

25. Jett

26. Knox

27. Lenny

28. Monty

29. Ned

30. Oscar

31. Percy

32. Quincy

33. Reggie

34. Sheldon

35. Titus

36. Ulysses

37. Vinnie

38. Winston

39. Xavier

40. Yuri

41. Zeke

42. Abbott

43. Binx

44. Cosmo

45. Draper

46. Ernest

47. Franklin

48. Gideon

49. Horatio

50. Ivan

51. Jerome

52. Kipling

53. Lionel

54. Murphy

55. Nigel

56. Orville

57. Pascal

58. Quinton

59. Remy

60. Sargent

61. Tucker

62. Upton

63. Vaughn

64. Wallace

65. Xander

66. Yogi

67. Zephyr

68. Alden

69. Bennett

70. Colby

71. Donovan

72. Elliot

73. Flynn

74. Gilbert

75. Hobbes

76. Isaias

77. Jonah

78. Keaton

79. Leroy

80. Marlon

81. Norris

82. Owen

83. Palmer

84. Quincy

85. Rhett

86. Spencer

87. Tristan

88. Uriah

89. Vernon

90. Wilbur

91. Xylon

92. Yates

93. Zackary

94. Alfie

95. Brody

96. Conrad

97. Dino

98. Edison

99. Floyd

100. Gulliver

Each name has its own charm, perfectly suited to match the unique personality of a Dachshund. Whether you prefer something traditional or more offbeat, this list should offer a good variety.

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100 Best Female Dachshund Names

These cute Dachshund names will help you pick the best for your lovely female.

Each of these female Dachshund names ranges from classic to unique.

1. Bella

2. Daisy

3. Lucy

4. Molly

5. Sadie

6. Zoe

7. Lily

8. Ruby

9. Penny

10. Rosie

11. Maggie

12. Olive

13. Lola

14. Sophie

15. Mia

16. Stella

17. Chloe

18. Hazel

19. Ivy

20. Ellie

21. Gigi

22. Harper

23. Nora

24. Piper

25. Quinn

26. Aurora

27. Beatrice

28. Cecilia

29. Delilah

30. Esme

31. Fiona

32. Georgia

33. Heidi

34. Isla

35. Juno

36. Kira

37. Layla

38. Mabel

39. Nala

40. Ophelia

41. Phoebe

42. Ramona

43. Sasha

44. Tessa

45. Uma

46. Veda

47. Willow

48. Xena

49. Yara

50. Zelda

51. Ada

52. Bree

53. Clara

54. Daphne

55. Elsie

56. Freya

57. Gracie

58. Hattie

59. Ingrid

60. Jolene

61. Keely

62. Lottie

63. Marnie

64. Nellie

65. Octavia

66. Paisley

67. Rae

68. Scarlett

69. Tilly

70. Una

71. Vera

72. Winnie

73. Xanthe

74. Yasmin

75. Zuri

76. Amelie

77. Brinley

78. Callie

79. Dinah

80. Effie

81. Fleur

82. Gemma

83. Harlow

84. Indie

85. Jessa

86. Kenna

87. Leonie

88. Mina

89. Noelle

90. Opal

91. Priscilla

92. Queenie

93. Rhea

94. Selena

95. Thalia

96. Ursula

97. Vivian

98. Wren

99. Yvette

100. Zola

30 Best Disney Dachshund Male Names

If you’re a fan of Disney movies, then you’ll probably love to pick a Disney-inspired name for your wiener dog. Certainly! Here’s a list of 30 Disney-inspired names that would be perfect for a male Dachshund, drawing from classic and modern Disney characters, as well as some names that just have that magical Disney feel:

1. Simba (The Lion King)

2. Aladdin

3. Woody (Toy Story)

4. Buzz (Toy Story)

5. Mickey (Mickey Mouse)

6. Donald (Donald Duck)

7. Goofy

8. Olaf (Frozen)

9. Sully (Monsters, Inc.)

10. Nemo (Finding Nemo)

11. Gus (Cinderella’s mouse friend)

12. Max (The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric’s dog)

13. Flynn (Tangled)

14. Rex (Toy Story)

15. Bruno (Cinderella)

16. Chip (Beauty and the Beast)

17. Dale (Chip ‘n Dale)

18. Timon (The Lion King)

19. Pongo (101 Dalmatians)

20. Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

21. Dash (The Incredibles)

22. Marlin (Finding Nemo)

23. Genie (Aladdin)

24. Hercules

25. Robin (Robin Hood)

26. Toby (The Great Mouse Detective)

27. Finn (Cars 2, as Finn McMissile)

28. Jasper (101 Dalmatians, one of the baddies but a fun name)

29. Kristoff (Frozen)

30. Hiro (Big Hero 6)

These names range from heroes and sidekicks to lovable animals within the Disney universe, offering a variety of choices to match your Dachshund’s personality and charm!

How To Choose the Best Dachshund Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Dachshund is a personal journey that reflects your taste, your dog’s personality, and your mutual story. Whether inspired by their characteristics, historical background, or your personal connections, the right name will feel like a natural fit for your furry friend. Remember, this name for a weenie dog will accompany both of you through years of companionship, adventure, and love, making the decision an important part of your life together.

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