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Meet the Dachshund Back Support, the ultimate answer to your dachshund’s spinal challenges. Whether your doxie is battling with IVDD, arthritis, or recovering post-surgery, our back support is here to provide comfort, stability, and freedom of movement.

Key Benefits:

  • Pain Relief: Designed to decompress the spine, alleviating pressure points and inflammation.
  • Supportive Structure: Boasts seven medical splints for a rigid yet comforting brace. These supports run from neck to tail, ensuring optimal spine stabilization while prohibiting any unwanted twists.
  • Comfort First: Crafted from breathable medical-grade material ensuring your sausage dog feels snug without being restricted.
  • Ease of Use: A cinch to wear, with simple on-off mechanics. Plus, the built-in D-ring is perfect for those walkies, and yes, it’s toilet-friendly too!
  • Reputation Matters: We’re dedicated to your dachshund’s well-being. If something isn’t right, we’re here to fix it.

Many dachshund owners often wonder about the efficacy of back braces. But the Dachshund Back Support stands apart. Developed after intensive research with veterinary experts, our brace ensures full-spine support – covering thoracic, lumbar, and sacral regions. Whereas, many in the market stop short at lumbar. This comprehensive coverage is vital for effective pain relief and healing.

Moreover, while the Dachshund Back Support is superbly efficient, it never hinders your pet’s daily activities. Whether it’s a trot in the park or their bathroom routines, this brace integrates seamlessly. Concerned about maintenance? Simply hand wash and air dry. And for our furry shedders, a rubber brush should get rid of those stray hairs.

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dachshund space dachshund back support

Dachshund Back Support

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