Dachshund Brooch


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Elevate your outfit with our vintage Dachshund Brooch, a unique accessory that symbolizes the unconditional love for dachshunds. Available in gold, black, and silver, this brooch suits any style. It’s not just an ornament; it represents the special bond you share with your four-legged friend.

Key Benefits:

  • Elegant Vintage Design: Showcases your favorite breed with a distinct vintage charm.
  • Choose Your Color: Select from gold, black, or silver to complement your look.
  • Ideal Size: Measures about 0.9 in x 1.7 in (2.29 cm x 4.32 cm) for a perfect fit on any outfit.
  • Versatile Fashion Piece: Pin it on jackets, scarves, or bags for a unique dachshund flair.
  • Love’s Symbol: Offers a meaningful way to celebrate your bond with your dachshund.

Our Dachshund Brooch is more than just jewelry. It’s a stylish tribute to the joy and companionship dachshunds bring. Whether you’re a proud sausage dog owner or looking for a special gift for a wienerdog lover, this brooch is an excellent choice. It adds a personal and elegant touch to any ensemble, letting your love for dachshunds shine.

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Black, Gold, Silver


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dachshund space shop dachshund brooch

Dachshund Brooch

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