Plush Doxie Christmas Toys


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Unwrap a bundle of joy for your dachshund with our Plush Doxie Christmas Toys. Designed to spread cheer, these toys are a cuddly combo of fun and learning for your pet. With a soft exterior and an intriguing BB call that entices playful curiosity, they’re perfect for both snuggles and active play.

Key Benefits:

  • Soft & Safe Materials: Crafted with large pineapple velvet and composite nylon cloth, our plush toys are gentle on your doxie’s teeth and safe for enthusiastic play.
  • Interactive Fun: Each toy features a BB squeaker that’s sure to pique your pet’s interest, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated.
  • Festive Delights: Choose from a charming Santa, a cute elk, or a delightful gingerbread man, each designed to bring the Christmas spirit right to your doxie’s paws.
  • Lightweight & Portable: At just around 30g, these toys are easy to carry, making them perfect for both indoor play and outdoor adventures.
  • Educational Play: Encourage your pet’s natural instincts to explore and learn with these engaging toys that double as educational supplies.

Product Specifications:

  • Santa Claus: 17cm L x 11cm W x 3cm H (6.69″ L x 4.33″ W x 1.18″ H)
  • Elk: 18cm L x 12cm W x 3cm H (7.09″ L x 4.72″ W x 1.18″ H)
  • Gingerbread Man: 16.5cm L x 13cm W x 3cm H (6.50″ L x 5.12″ W x 1.18″ H)
  • Weight: Approx. 30g each (1.06oz each), Donut at approx. 21g (0.74oz)

Our Plush Doxie Christmas Toys aren’t just adorable; they’re an invitation for your dachshund to engage in the holiday fun actively. They make a great gift and a wonderful way to enrich your furry friend’s daily routine with learning and play. Give your doxie the gift of playful education this Christmas and watch them light up with excitement!

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Santa Claus, Elk, Gingerbread Man, Red Donut, Green Donut


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Plush Doxie Christmas Toys

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