Sausage Toy for Sausage Dog


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Treat your beloved Doxie to a playful delight with our Sausage Toy for Sausage Dog. Tailored to mirror their playful nature and love for fun, this toy promises not just interactive play but also a valuable aid for their dental and oral health.

Key Benefits:

  • Interactive Fun: The in-built squeaker ensures hours of play, keeping your pup entertained.
  • Teething Aid: Crafted from soft rubber, it’s perfect for gentle nibbling, helping soothe teething discomfort.
  • Oral Health: Regular play with this toy aids in cleaning dental tartar and food residues, promoting better dental health.
  • Safety First: Made from edible TPR, it’s safe even if accidentally ingested, passing harmlessly through your dog’s system.
  • Guided Playtime: With our toy, we emphasize monitored play to ensure your Dachshund’s safety and well-being.

While the photo showcases both sides, please note that the package includes one toy. This toy becomes an invaluable companion for your Sausage Dog, promoting not only play but overall health.

Special Instructions:

  • Our toy uses edible TPR material, ensuring safety even if accidentally consumed.
  • A dedicated 15-20 minutes of play with our toy daily aids in cleaning your dog’s mouth, ensuring oral hygiene.
  • Always supervise playtime to enhance your dog’s intelligence and alleviate daily anxieties.
  • For optimal health benefits, either clean the toy post each use or consider a replacement every 20-30 days.

Ensure your Dachshund’s playtime is both fun and health-promoting with our Sausage Toy for Sausage Dog. It’s more than a toy; it’s a joyous experience!

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Sausage Toy for Sausage Dog


9998 in stock