Tennis Ball Launcher for Dachshunds

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Elevate your dachshund’s playtime with the Tennis Ball Launcher for Dachshunds. This innovative gadget is designed to keep your furry friend engaged, active, and entertained, offering a fantastic solution for pet owners who value both fun and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Portable: Dimensions 8.3×10.2×10.6in / 32 x 28 x 33cm, this launcher fits perfectly in any indoor space and is easy to transport for outdoor adventures.
  • Pet-Friendly Ball Size: Includes three balls with a 1.97in / 5cm diameter, making them ideal for dachshunds and young pets.
  • Adjustable Launch Distance: Features three distance settings (3m, 6m, 9m/10ft, 20ft, 30ft), catering to different play areas and energy levels.
  • Automated Play: Equipped with an infrared sensor, the launcher releases a ball every 10 seconds, ensuring continuous fun.
  • Quiet Operation: The internal roller mechanism ensures a noise-normal operation, keeping the playtime pleasant and unobtrusive.

Why Choose the Tennis Ball Launcher for Dachshunds? This launcher isn’t just a toy; it’s an essential tool for keeping your dachshund healthy and entertained. Its adjustable settings make it perfect for various indoor spaces, promoting physical and mental stimulation.

Transform Playtime into Joytime Say farewell to boredom and inactive days. With the Tennis Ball Launcher for Dachshunds, your sausage dog will enjoy endless fun and exercise, even when you’re busy. It’s the perfect way to enhance your dachshund’s daily routine.

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Tennis Ball Launcher for Dachshunds


995 in stock