Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much? 5 Important Things to Know

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Have you ever wondered why do dachshunds sleep so much? If you are an owner of these lovely pooches, then you probably want to know whether their long sleeping is a thing to be concerned. Is he tired or is it a normal routine for these pooches? Read on and discover the truth!

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What does affect the dachshund’s sleeping routine?

The answer to the question why do Dachshunds sleep so much can be found in their activity level, age, and natural instinct. Besides, their overall health can have an impact on their sleeping as well.

How many hours do dachshunds sleep?

Dachshund’s sleeping habits depend on their age, health and even pregnancy status. If your Dachshund sleep all day long and he seems lethargic and without energy, then we recommend you to take him to a vet visit. Some doxies can sleep all day long due to their low or high blood sugar. On the other hand, some pooches can feel more tired if they’ve been on a longer stroll or training.

The best way to check what’s wrong with your wiener dog and why he sleeps so much is to check his gums and nose. In case of illness or dehidration, the dog’s gums will look pale, dry and stickly.In addition, your Doxie’s nose will be dry and warm.

How much dachshund puppies sleep?

When awake, dachshund puppies are like balls of energy, but they need plenty of sleep to fuel their rapid growth. It is not strange for a Dachshund puppy to sleep between 18-20 hours in a day. 

This sleep is essential for their physical growth, immune system strength, and cognitive functions that encompass learning and memory consolidation. If you are wondering why do dachshunds sleep so much during this stage, here is the answer. Puppies experience many rapid growth periods and developmental stages. Therefore, in these times, they may sleep even more than normally. The sleep is broken up mainly into nighttime sleep and several naps during the day.

Banana Bed by Dachshund Space is one of favorite picks of small puppies because they love to hide and seek for a safe place. Thanks to the lid on the top, your furry friend can pop out his head, and the shape of a banana will provide him with a feeling of sleeping in the owner’s lap. Note that Dachshund puppies are prone to separation anxiety, and this bed can give them a feeling of safety.

why do dachshunds sleep so much

How much adult dachshunds sleep?

An adult dachshund’s need for sleep is relatively low. However, it’s still important to maintain health and quality of life. Most adult Dachshunds need approximately 12–14 hours of sleep for a day. This encompasses nighttime sleep and sleep through the day. Adult Dachshunds have a set schedule and they can change their sleep routine depending on their family’s lifestyle. 

However, they still prefer and often demand their siestas. Owners need to make sure that their adult Dachshunds have a comfortable and quiet place to rest as good sleep equals in quality to quantity.

Since adulthood is an important stage of their life, it’s essential to choose the appropriate Dachshund bed. Depending on your Doxie’s sleeping habits, you should decide whether you need to choose a semi-opened, elevated, or bolstered bed.

One of our customer’s favorite picks is the Fur Baby Bed. It features bolstered sides where your dog can place his head. And, we’re sure that your pooch gonna like the soft pp cotton filling that will shape according to your dog’s body.

why do dachshunds sleep so much

How much do senior dachshunds sleep?

Older Dachshunds, like aged people, can have changes in their sleeping patterns. They usually need more sleep because their bodies lose this efficiency to recover from daily activities. A Dachshund senior fellow may sleep up to 14-16 hours and even more if the dog has some health problems. Older dogs may also have alterations in sleep quality such as increased awakening or discomfort during sleep due to arthritis or other age-related conditions. This can be achieved by an orthopedic, comfortable bed.

As one of the most comfortable picks of Doxie beds for seniors, we recommend you check the Dachshund Donut Bed. It’s soft, warm and can help soothe painful joints and hips. Since doxies are prone to spine issues and hip dysplasia, choosing the right bed is overneeded. 

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How much do pregnant dachshunds sleep?

Pregnancy can significantly alter a Dachshund’s sleep patterns. Pregnant Dachshunds often require more sleep due to the physical and hormonal changes they undergo. It’s not uncommon for a pregnant Dachshund to sleep for up to 16-18 hours a day, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. 

This increased need for rest supports the growth and development of the puppies she is carrying and helps her conserve energy for the birthing process. During this time, owners must provide a peaceful, comfortable bed for their pregnant Dachshund to rest. Stress can impact both the mother and her unborn puppies.

Why do dachshunds sleep so much?

Breed Characteristics

Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting. Such a task required bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest. This ancestral trait persists in the modern Dachshund, manifesting as a pattern of high-energy spurts interspersed with long stretches of sleep. Their unique body structure, with a long spine and short legs, also contributes to their need for more rest, as their physique can lead to quicker fatigue compared to other breeds.

why do dachshunds sleep so much

Energy Conservation

Like their ancestors, who needed to conserve energy between hunting sessions, Dachshunds naturally conserve energy for their next burst of activity. This instinctual behavior ensures they have the necessary vigor for playtime, walks, or any sudden stimuli that might require a quick response. Their seemingly excessive sleeping is, therefore, a way to recharge and maintain their lively and inquisitive nature when awake.

Size and Metabolism

The small size of Dachshunds influences their sleep patterns as well. Smaller breeds often have faster metabolisms, which can lead to quicker energy depletion and, consequently, a greater need for restorative sleep. Their compact bodies work harder to maintain core body temperature and perform daily physiological functions, necessitating more frequent downtime to recover.

Comfort Seeking

Dachshunds enjoy comfort and love to search for a comfy place in the house to have naps. This habit can be traced back to their burrowing habits in their hunting days, in which they would dig into dens. This is the reason why they prefer tight, warm places. Those are places where they can rest and feel comfortable, and thus, sleep longer.

why do dachshunds sleep so much

Health and Age Factors

As Dachshunds age, their sleep patterns may change, often resulting in increased sleep duration. Just as old people, old dogs need more rest to regenerate after daily activity and keep fit. Moreover, some health issues, such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), may cause some discomfort or pain. This will lead to sleep being used as a form of rest and recovery. The owners need to observe these changes. If the sleep is suddenly increased, consult a veterinarian, as it may be a sign of some health problems.

Why do dachshunds sleep so much? Wrapping up

The sleep patterns in Dachshunds are influenced by a combination of breed-specific traits, biological needs, and individual health factors. Understanding these reasons can help owners provide the best care for their pets, ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives full of both adventurous wakefulness and restful slumber.

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