Why Are Dachshunds So Needy?

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  1. Why Are Dachshunds So Needy? 
  2. They’re Feeling Sick
  3. Something Has Changed 
  4. They’re Stressed Out
  5. They’re Fearing Being Alone

Although Dachshunds are a breed of hunting dogs, they have a soft side too. They are actually very sweet, loyal dogs. And, like many dogs, they are needy. Except they tend to be very needy. A huge reason they could be so needy could be because they were raised in a pack. They were raised within a pack and then separated. 

They’re already known for not liking being alone. They went from being around many other dogs to being a part of a much smaller family. That’s a big adjustment! However, there are many other reasons as to why your Dachshund is so needy.

Why Are Dachshunds So Needy?

If you’ve had your Dachshund since they were a puppy, you were a big part of their developing ages. It’s known that up until they’re about six months old, they are still developing in many ways. They will grow up to be a certain way based on what they are exposed to during those few months. 

Their whole personality can become evolved from little things like the words you say near them, the way you treat me, play with them, etc. Just as if you were raising a baby, your Dachshund will essentially grow up to be similar to you. A dog version of you, if you will! They become attached to those little moments just as they become attached to you, or whomever they spend the most time with. 

Because Dachshunds are so clingy towards their owners, they can become triggered when things are altered. Thus meaning, if they’re alone often, if they don’t get attention, etc. they will essentially feel lost. This can cause them to spiral in many ways. Separation anxiety is a huge factor with raising a Dachshund, as well as many other triggers. The more they’re triggered, the more needy they become. Some other triggers Dachshunds experience are as follows.

They’re Feeling Sick

This is another way Dachshunds are similar to children! Just like when a child gets sick, they want their parents consistently. Dachshunds are the same way! You are essentially their parent and they are looking to you for shielding from whatever sickness is bothering them. They become super needy during these times because they want comfort. 

They want to know that everything’s going to be alright. This is actually very helpful for them to do because the more they socialize with you, the more you can start to understand if they want cuddles or need a vet trip.

Something Has Changed

It’s pretty safe to assume that Dachshunds don’t like change at this point, right? They, like any dogs, get used to a daily routine with their humans. But once something gets changed, like moving homes, getting an additional pet, changing foods, etc., they get confused. This confusion tends to worry them, making them needy with their humans. 

Dachshunds are one of the many dog breeds that need an established routine. It keeps them grounded and helps them thrive. Without a daily routine, they’re likely to show aggression, disobedience, etc. Change stresses them out and, because they are a dominant breed, they often handle those moments with violence. Because they were trained to do so. 

They’re Stressed Out

Speaking of changes stressing them out, another reason they could be getting needy is stress! Just like us humans, Dachshunds experience stress. However, they don’t know how to mend it so they turn to their owners for guidance and comfort. Many things can stress out your Dachshund, things such as fear, being anxious about something, strangers, etc. 

The best way to help them through this is to remind them that you are their protector. Comfort them, talk to them, and do your best to try to understand what’s triggering their stress. It’s best to avoid as many stress-induced situations as possible.

They’re Fearing Being Alone

Last but certainly not least, the biggest trigger of all – separation anxiety. As I mentioned before, Dachshunds are used to being surrounded by others from birth. Therefore, they hate being alone and it scares them. Similar to having their routines changed, separation anxiety can cause their aggression to flare up. Keep in mind that not all Dachshunds have an issue with separation anxiety, but a good majority of them do. 

In conclusion, Dachshunds are very needy dogs, but they are the best furry companions we could ask for. It is my hope that this article has provided you with a better understanding of why Dachshunds are so needy. Overall, a Dachshund’s level of neediness and clinginess depends on how they’re treated and raised from birth. If they seem excessively needy, they could grow out of it as they get older. However, if it seems to be getting out of control, contact your local vet for more information on how to help your Dachshund. 

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