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Are Dachshunds Aggressive?

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Although small, Dachshunds are naturally purebred hunting dogs. They have no shame in chasing things or showing their power when needed. Due to being hunting dogs, they are prone to aggression. Aggression is necessary for dogs in time of hunting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your Dachshund will become aggressive. Thus because it depends on how they are treated and raised by their owner, as well as their historical background. 

There are ways to avoid or even maintain your dog’s hostility if they reach that point. However, before we get into how to go about doing that, let’s first depict whether or not Dachshunds really are aggressive. 

Are They Aggressive?

The short answer is yes. 

Going back to how they are bred, they are hunting dogs, which has made them more aggressive than most other breeds. They are not aggressive to the point where their actions could become fatal, however if they are showing signs of aggression, it’s better to stand back. 

Like mentioned before, there are ways around this defiance. Nonetheless, if you choose to take action, be extra careful as they are not afraid to take back control. 

What Causes Aggression?

It’s pretty safe to say that most dog owners have heard some statements about how “if you train your dog the right way, then they won’t be aggressive or disobedient”. And while that statement is true in some way, it actually goes deeper than that. Sure, training your Dachshund can help reduce the aggression a bit, but what happens when something triggers them? It’s not always as simple as some training. 

For instance, hunting dogs are trained to be hostile, it’s a part of their background in order for them to hunt correctly. Thus meaning they aren’t just choosing to be aggressive. It’s possible that they don’t always know what’s setting them off either or they don’t know how to control it. So then what else could be possibly triggering their aggression to flare up?

 Two of the most common triggers for Dachshunds are fear and the need to protect their territory. 

They’re Feeling Fear

Sometimes we get aggressive when we are scared. It’s not something we can always control, it’s just instincts. It’s a survival tactic. Dachshunds possess that tactic too. If they feel scared or threatened, they are most likely to become aggressive. They do this to protect themselves as well as their own and their home. This happens when their body essentially goes into fight or flight mode and releases hormones, causing them to panic. Without analyzing what they’re doing, their first instinct is to attack or show their dominance. Some things that may fear a Dachshund are:

  • Certain kinds of animals
  • Loud noises
  • Stranger approaching
  • Someone entering their home
  • Bigger/More aggressive dogs
  • Being alone too much or too long
  • Harsh commands
  • Negative physical commands

Protecting Their Territory 

Most dog breeds are territorial. However, not all of them handle it in an entirely hostile way like Dachshunds do. For example, if your dog doesn’t recognize someone who is entering your home, they are going to assume it’s an intruder and attack. Their first reaction is going to be to bark uncontrollably to assert dominance or even just go straight for the attack immediately. 

Dachshunds are popular for being protective and most of the time the owners think their dog is doing a good deed. While that is true, Dachshunds should be taught to pre-warn before attacking for cases when it’s just a friend rather than an intruder. Unless there is an alternative way, such as leaving the house to get to safety, Dachshunds won’t think twice about taking control to protect you.

Tips To Maintain the Aggression 

  1. Get to a point where you can sense their aggression beginning
  2. Understand what triggers them/Remove them from the triggering situation 
  3. Cuddle them. Talk to them. Remind them that everything is okay.
  4. Take control with commands, but also help them understand that you’re only trying to protect them
  5. Train them to handle their aggression in other ways that aren’t violent
  6. Understand how to properly discipline them without triggering them
  7. If the aggressions continues or worsens, contact an obedience specialist or your local vet

With that being said, yes Dachshunds are an aggressive dog breed. And yes it can get out of control. However, they are great dogs and they are very loving. They show aggression when it’s needed in order to protect what’s theirs.