Are Dachshunds Good To Use For Hunting? Things To Know

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We bet that a tiny dachshund doesn’t come to your mind when someone asks you to enumerate hunting dogs. Well, dachshund hunting dogs might not been bred to hunt big prey but they’re feisty, loyal and powerful hunting companions.

Dachshunds used to hunt badgers which are famous for their ‘’skills’’ to destroy people’s planted fruits and veggies.Thanks to their elongated bodies, these sausage dogs are able to dig through small holes and catch those pests.

dachshund hunting dogs

Dachshund hunting dogs: A few things about their historical use

The historical role of dachshunds in hunting is as fascinating as the breed itself. Originating in the dense, shadowy forests of Germany, these little warriors played a vital role in the hunting traditions of the region. Known for their determination and keen noses, dachshunds were not just pets but crucial hunting partners. They were especially valued for their ability to track and flush out game, using their sharp senses to follow trails that other breeds might overlook.

Their design is no accident—dachshunds were developed with a low, long body. It allows them to dive into burrows and drag out whatever was hiding inside, be it a fox, rabbit, or badger. This made them indispensable in an era when hunting was not just a sport but a necessary part of survival, providing food and fur.

dachshund hunting dogs

But it’s not all about their physical attributes. The personality of a dachshund is perfectly suited for hunting. They are stubborn and brave, sometimes to a fault, which means once they’re on a scent, they won’t give up easily. This relentless nature made them prized hunters, capable of chasing down prey with surprising agility and tenacity.

Reflecting on their historical use gives us more than just an understanding of their capabilities—it builds a deep respect for these dogs as more than just companions. They were, and for many still are, integral parts of hunting teams, respected for their contribution to the hunt and the home alike. This historical perspective enriches our appreciation of the breed and highlights the reasons why many hunters still choose to stand by their side in the forests and fields.

Are Dachshunds Still Used For Hunting Nowadays?

Of course, Doxies are still used for hunting, especially on agricultural estates. Local hunters also use them for hunting due to their strong hunting instincts. They know how to act in hunting situations and sneak carefully to catch the prey.

Are dachshunds suitable for novice hunters?

Due to their high energy and specific needs, dachshunds may be better suited for experienced hunters who understand how to channel their instincts productively. To grown into well-behaved hunting dogs, Doxies need to go through the appropriate training lessons. Otherwise, you can have issues with appropriately channeling their energy. 

Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key in exercising dachshunds. Starting training early and focusing on obedience and scent-tracking can improve their hunting skills.

How do I ensure the safety of my dachshund during hunts?

Use appropriate safety gear, keep your dachshund leashed when not actively hunting, and ensure they are monitored closely in hazardous environments. Always check the terrain you’re planning to go hunting before you take your dog with you. 

dachshund hunting dogs

What should I consider before deciding to hunt with my dachshund?

Assess your dachshund’s health, temperament, and the type of hunting you plan to do. Consider their physical and behavioral suitability for the specific hunting environment.

Benefits of Using Dachshunds for Hunting

Unlike larger dog breeds, Dachshunds are less costly to use for hunting. 

They require less food and their healthcare, while essential, can be more manageable in terms of cost. This makes them an attractive option for hunters who require an effective tracker but may have limited resources.

Dachshunds can definitely pitch in when it comes to conservation work. With their knack for hunting, they’re not just about chasing game for sport; they can actually help keep the balance in nature. You see, their skills are super useful for managing populations of various vermin and pests that might otherwise overrun certain habitats. This isn’t just about keeping the numbers down; it’s about maintaining a healthy ecosystem where everything is in balance.

When it comes to hunting with dachshunds, it’s not just a free-for-all. There’s a right way to do it that respects both the environment and the animals. Ethical hunting practices come into play here. They ensure that these dogs’ natural instincts are channeled in a way that’s both responsible and sustainable. It’s all about using their talents wisely and with respect, making sure that we’re hunting in a way that contributes positively to the environment and doesn’t just take from it.

dachshund hunting dogs

Why Are Dachshunds Good Hunters?

Dachshunds are quite the standout when it comes to hunting, thanks to a mix of their physical characteristics and their trainable nature. Known as a dachshund hunting breed, these dogs have some unique features that make them effective in the field.

On top of their physical attributes, dachshunds are also known for their keen sense of smell. This makes them excellent at scent work, picking up trails that other breeds might miss. Their acute senses are a big plus on any hunt, helping them track down everything from small game to larger animals if trained properly.

doxie training

When it comes to training, dachshunds are more than just cute faces. They’re sharp and eager to learn. However, due to their strong-willed nature, training a dachshund hunting dogs requires consistency, patience, and a bit of know-how. They respond well to positive reinforcement—like treats and praise—and need clear, consistent commands to follow. Proper training harnesses their natural hunting instincts and directs them in a way that’s both productive and safe.

During training lessons of your Doxie, you’ll need to choose the appropriate harness as well. Dachshund Space Harness & Leash is one of the best items to use from their puppyhood.

dachshund space harness leash

When taking your Wiener dog to hunt, you’ll also need to have a transmitter collar. It helps you keep track of your dog while they are underground. In that way, a hunter can easier find a badger or some other pest. 

Long, Low Body:

Their distinctive elongated body allows dachshunds to enter and navigate through narrow burrows and dense underbrush. Due to this fact, they’re perfect for flushing out game from confined spaces.

Strong, Sturdy Legs:

Despite their small size, dachshunds have powerful legs. They enable them to dig effectively and maintain the stamina needed for long pursuits.

Keen Sense of Smell:

One of the most critical traits for any hunting dog, dachshunds have an exceptionally sharp sense of smell. It’s ideal for scent tracking over various terrains.

Compact Size:

Their small stature allows them to be agile and quick, which is advantageous in areas where larger hunting dogs might struggle to maneuver.

Vocal Nature:

Dachshunds are naturally vocal, which can be an asset in hunting scenarios where communicating the location of prey is necessary.

What are the hunting traits of dachshunds?

Besides they possess strong instincts, doxies are also famous as great watchdogs. Thanks to their intelligent and vigilant nature, dachshunds are very brave and they don’t give up so easily. Dachshunds are natural diggers which means that you’ll have to carefully train them not to destroy your home items. Otherwise, you’ll find a destroyed bed, carpet or some other item when you come back home.

rare doxie

What type of a Dachshund dog to use for hunting?

It might sound silly, but the coat of a Dachshund plays an important role in this sport too. Dachshund hunting dogs with short coats are better to use for hunting because the prey can’t bite them and injure them.

On the other hand, Dachshund hunting dogs with long hair can stuck onto a branch while going through some harsh terrain. It’s also important to mention that wire-haired Dachshunds can keep their skin more protected from mud, insects, and other environmental allergens.

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