How to Stop Dachshund Barking: 5 Effective Strategies for a Quiet Home

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How to stop Dachshund barking? Well, Dachshunds are adorable and loyal companions, but their penchant for barking can sometimes become a nuisance. If you want to prevent your Dachshund from barking and don’t know how to do it, then this is a blog post for you. You certainly don’t want to get a call from your neighbor that your pooch is barking constantly. And, in case you already got it, then it’s the ultimate time to think about the root of such behavior. Note that no dog will bark without a reason!

Things To Know About Dachshund Behavior

Before diving into specific techniques, it’s crucial to understand the root causes of dachshund barking. Dachshunds are inherently vocal dogs, bred for hunting and alerting their owners to potential threats.  Therefore, it’s not surprising to see your Doxie is barking at a squirrel, cat or some other dog. It’s in their genes and that’s a powerful part of their personality. Besides strong hunting instincts, a dog’s excessive barking can be triggered by separation anxiety, boredom and lack of training.

How to Stop Dachshund Barking 5 Effective Strategies for a Quiet Home

Tips On How to Stop Dachshund Barking

1- Establishing a Routine

Creating a consistent daily routine is paramount in addressing dachshund barking. Dogs thrive on predictability, and a structured schedule helps alleviate anxiety and boredom, leading to reduced barking episodes.

Ensure your dachshund receives regular exercise, mental stimulation, and meal times at consistent intervals. When your Wiener feels pleasantly tired, he will be less prone to accidents and behavior issues. Therefore, make sure your Doxie gets a daily dose of exercise and play that will help him lose pent-up energy.

2- Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement and rewards always work. Therefore, this should be the first thing to try when you want to prevent your Dachshund from excessive barking. Choose food, toys and praise words to reward your dog for positive behavior. In the end, there isn’t a better motivational tool than a tasty snack.

3- Environmental Enrichment

Believe it or not, the environment can also trigger your Dachshund’s barking. Before searching for a solution, think about what attracts his attention. Is it a view to the street and other animals and people or he just feels bored? In case your doxie feels bored, then provide him with plenty of engaging toys that will keep him occupied. 

In case you’re wondering how stop dachshund barking with toys, here is the answer. Pick squeaky or interactive toys that will make your dog to work for his food. Carrot Plush Interactive Dachshund Toy is one of the favorite picks of Doxie owners who want to improve the dog’s intelligence.

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In each hole, you can hide some snacks for your pet and since it will be triggered by the scent, he’ll investigate each hole. The Dachshund IQ Feeder Toy is another toy your dog gonna love. Created in the shape of a wheel, this dog toy will release tasty dry kibble as your pooch rolls it.

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4- Addressing Separation Anxiety

Dachshunds are prone to separation anxiety, leading to distress and excessive barking when left alone. Gradually acclimate your dachshund to being alone by practicing short absences and gradually increasing the duration over time. A Doxie who suffers from separation anxiety will bark, howl, and whine when is left alone. Since this behavior is difficult to discover, owners often need to install doggy cameras in their home.

 A dog who suffers from separation anxiety will also be prone to distroying furniture and other home items. Some of them can also try to escape from the home to find their owners. We can’t explain this feeling because only pooches who suffer from separation anxiety are familiar with this feeling. They feel desperate and abandoned because their owners left the house.

In case you’re wondering how to stop Dachshund barking when you’re not at home, try to create a comforting environment with soothing music. Pheromone diffusers can aslo help as well as allowing your Wiener dog to play with interactive toys.

Interactive toys for Dachshunds can keep them occupied and entertained so your pooch won’t think so much about your absence.

How to Stop Dachshund Barking 5 Effective Strategies for a Quiet Home

5- Seeking Professional Guidance

If despite your best efforts, dachshund barking persists, seeking professional guidance from a certified dog trainer or behaviorist can provide valuable insights and personalized strategies. They can assess your dachshund’s behavior comprehensively and recommend tailored interventions to address underlying issues. Punishment methods are not allowed at all. They can cause only side effects and slow down the process of teaching your Dachshund not to bark.

How long does it take to see results from training?
The timeline for seeing results from training can vary depending on various factors such as the dog’s age, temperament, and consistency of training. Generally, with consistent practice and positive reinforcement, noticeable improvements can be observed within a few weeks to a few months.

Is dachshund barking breed-specific?
While dachshunds are known for their vocal nature, excessive barking can occur in any breed due to various factors such as environment, training, and individual temperament.

Can excessive barking indicate an underlying health issue?
Unfortunately, yes. Besides barking, your Doxie can start howling and whining if dealing with pains.

Using Bark Control Devices: Yes or No?

While not a first-line solution, bark control devices can be used safely under certain conditions as a part of a broader behavioral modification strategy.

Devices such as ultrasonic trainers and vibration collars can deter barking in Dachshunds. It’s vital to use these tools responsibly to avoid distressing the dog unnecessarily. We don’t recommend you to consider this type of solution as the first one but as the last one. Also, make sure you ask a dog behavior specialist about it. 

How To Stop Dachshund Barking: Wrapping Up

Teaching a Dachshund to make a distinction between desirable and undesirable barking is important. Whether you’ll use positive reinforcement training, or some other technique, one thing is for sure. You should choose a method that will suit both you and your pet. And, if you encounter an obstacle, make sure you search for professional help.

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