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Dachshund’s health problems and how to treat them

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them

Here is everything that you need to know about Dachshunds health problems and the best ways and advice on how to help them! 

Dachshunds, with their unique elongated bodies and charming personalities, are beloved companions for many dog lovers. However, these adorable little dogs are prone to certain health problems that require special attention and care. In this article, we will get into common health issues that affect Dachshunds and explore ways to help them overcome those issues! 

The Unique Health Problems of Dachshunds

Oh, the adorable Dachshund – those long bodies and short legs make them look like walking hot dogs. But did you know that along with their charming appearance, Dachshunds also come with some unique health challenges? These little sausages are prone to a few serious problems that every owner should be aware of.

Unfortunately, Dachshunds aren’t just adorable; they also have a genetic predisposition to certain health conditions. These genetic factors can influence their susceptibility to issues like IVDD or vision problems. Understanding the role genetics play in their health can help you be proactive in addressing potential concerns.

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to Dachshund’s health problems, being informed can make all the difference. By understanding the potential health issues these furry little creatures may face, you can take preventive steps to keep them happy and healthy. So, let’s learn about the common health problems that Dachshunds may encounter and how you can help them overcome these challenges with ease.

Common Health Problems in Dachshunds

Here are some of the most common health problems that can trouble your little floppy ear Doxie:

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

One problem that can really throw a wrench into a Dachshund’s long and low lifestyle is intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Those cute little bodies are more prone to spinal issues, and IVDD occurs when the discs between the vertebrae rupture or herniate. It can lead to pain, paralysis, and the need for expensive treatments or surgeries. In some cases, pain can be so intense that the normally goofy and lovable Dachies can show aggression!

So, be mindful of activities that may strain their back and provide them with proper support to minimize the risk of IVDD.

Obesity and Weight-Related Dachshund health problems

Dachshunds may have a knack for sniffing out treats, but it’s important to keep their waistlines in check. Obesity is a common problem in these food-loving dogs, and those extra pounds can put an additional load on their delicate spines and joints. A balanced Dachshund diet and regular exercise will help keep them fit and avoid weight-related complications.

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them

Dental Problems and Oral Health

Dachshunds may have a sweet tooth for treats, but their teeth might not feel the same way. Dental problems can creep up on these cuties, leading to issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Regular teeth brushing and dental check-ups can go a long way in keeping their pearly whites intact and their breath fresh. When cleaning their teeth, you should pay attention to cleaning their whole body, and that can be a bit tricky! Take a peek at how to bathe Dachshunds properly right here: https://dachshundspace.com/how-to-bathe-dachshunds 

Eye and Vision Issues

Those soulful eyes are one of Dachshund’s most lovable features, but unfortunately, they can also be prone to various eye problems. From cataracts to glaucoma, these issues can impact their vision and overall well-being. Keeping an eye on their ocular health and seeking prompt veterinary care when needed can help maintain their bright and clear outlook on life.

Skin Allergies and Dermatological Conditions

Itchy skin and allergies can be a real rough problem for Dachshunds. Their sensitive skin can be prone to irritation, rashes, and allergies. Identifying problems and providing a healthy skincare routine can bring relief to their itchy woes, so they can focus on wagging their tails instead. Pay attention to their behavior since they will show you when there is an itchy problem! Try to bathe them regularly, groom them, and don’t forget to clean their favorite dogwear!

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them

How to prevent the Dachshund’s health problems

Knowing breed-specific conditions is like having a secret decoder for Dachshund’s health. By recognizing the unique challenges they may face, such as obesity or joint problems, you can work with your vet and help them before there is a real need for treatment or even operation!

Here is what you can do the prevent the problems:

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them
  • A good diet plan for Dachshunds

When it comes to nutrition, make sure to choose quality food and smaller portions! High-quality dog food is that one that matches their specific needs and avoids fillers and artificial additives. Look for ingredients that promote joint health, maintain a healthy weight, and support their overall well-being.

Portion control is crucial in preventing your Dachshund from turning into an overstuffed sausage. Follow feeding guidelines and resist the temptation to give in to those pleading eyes. A balanced diet of appropriate portions will keep them in tip-top shape, ensuring they can sprint around with their short legs for years to come.

  • Exercise for strong joints and a healthy spine!

One thing you should know about Dachshunds is that they need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Short walks and low-impact playtime are the paw-fect ways to keep them active without putting undue stress on their long spines.

Due to their long bodies, dachshunds are more susceptible to spinal issues, such as IVDD. To support their spinal health, avoid activities that put excessive strain on their backs, such as jumping from heights or rough play. Provide them with supportive and cozy beds, and consider using harnesses to reduce neck strain.

  • Preventive Care and Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Taking care of your dachshund’s health starts with preventive care and regular veterinary check-ups. Just like humans, dogs need vaccinations and preventative medications to stay healthy.

Dachshund space Dachshund's health problems and how to treat them

Dachshunds’ health problems do not have to be very stressful if you know how to recognize them and how to treat them! Even better, prevention is the best way to deal with these issues, and we know that with this information, a bit of luck, and lots of love and affection, you and your Doxie will share a long and happy life together!