Dachshund bath – all you need to know!

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  1. How often should I bathe my Dachshund?
  2. Dachshund bath – step by step
    1. Cleaning Dachshund ears – how to do it?
    2. Cleaning Dachshund teeth – how to do it?
  3. Dachshund bath doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

If You are wondering how should the Dachshund bath look like, how often should you do it, and how to generally keep your Weiner doggo clean – we got you covered! Just keep reading:

Did you know that proper caring for your furry friend doesn’t mean only feeding and walking them? One of the most important thing is keeping them clean in the right way! And trust us, that does not mean just washing them in the water – oh no! You need to know how to bathe them and all the tricks on cleaning their ears, teeth, and paws… So there is a lot of deep cleaning work to be done to have a sparkly clean Hot dog, so let’s get down to business:

Dachshund space shop Dachshund bath - all you need to know!

How often should I bathe my Dachshund?

First things first! Before we start with steps on how to wash and bathe your Doxie, you should know how often you should do it! When it comes to bathing your four-legged friends regularly, you should know that it is not recommended more often than once every two months. However, when your floppy-eared friend gets dirty and muddy, feel free to soak him in warm water and some doggy shampoo and have a foam party!

If you bathe your Dachie often, it can lead to a bunch of skin and coat problems! Excessive use of shampoo and water on dachshunds can cause their natural skin oil to dry out. This can furter cause dander, redness, or big irritations! So better be safe than sorry, and try not to wash them too often! 

Did you know that dachshunds can also be great swimmers? Yes, they can, and if you take them swimming, make sure not to bathe them that week! It may be too much water for them. But also make sure to just rinse of the swimming water from their coat!

Dachshund space shop Dachshund bath - all you need to know!

Dachshund bath – step by step

If you and your Doxie are ready for a first bath, we are sure you are worried about how it is all going to look like! That is why we have created a small guide on how to bathe your Dachie step by step:

  • Step 1 – Be prepared

Preparation for bathing means getting ready – shampoo, brushes, towels, warm water, for essentials. Additional help is to prepare your doggos favorite toys and accessories, and treats! This will be super useful if they start to feel anxious or want to stop the bathing fun!

  • Step 2 – Start gently

When everything is ready and prepared the dachshund bath can start! Take your dachshund, talk to them, soothe them, give them treats, and put them in the water with back paws first. When they feel the water, slowly put their front paws in, and give them their toy to stay calm. With a shower or some container, pour the water slowly over their body. When they are wet, take some shampoo and gently massage it into their coat. Try to make this process fun so that you and your Dachie can enjoy it!

  • Step 3 – Wrap it up

We have come to the end of bathing, and that means it is time to wash up the shampoo and dry off. When washing the shampoo, make sure to rinse twice around the ears, tail, and belly. To dry your doggy off, use some towels, wrap them tight, and dry them as much as you can. If they are still a bit wet, dont worry, they will shake all excess water from their coat! 

And that’s it! Your first dachshund bath is done; now you have a clean doggo! But – what about the ear cleaning or teeth? Take a look:

Cleaning Dachshund ears – how to do it?

Dachshund space shop Dachshund bath - all you need to know!

If you thought bathing was everything you should do when cleaning your Doxie is in line, oh boy, were you wrong! Your furry friend needs special care around their floppy ears, and here is what you should do to keep them clean:

  • To clean Dachshund’s ears properly, you need to know how to wash them in and out! For the outer washing, you need a little bit of shampoo and water. Gently massage the shampoo on the outer part of the ears and rin them slowly out.
  • For the inner cleaning of your Doxies ears, you need a damp cloth and no running water. You can easily clean the inside of their floppy ears with a damp washcloth or moist cotton ball. You should also try to clean out the excess ear wax but don’t push anything in their ear canal. 
  • For a more thorough cleaning of ears, you can use some special products like ear wipes or medical solutions.

Before you start and get on the ear cleaning, you can ask your vet for advice, just to make sure that you and your Dachie will be safe, clean, and happy!

Cleaning Dachshund teeth – how to do it?

Dachshund space shop Dachshund bath - all you need to know!

Just like us, our canine friends need to have healthy gums and teeth! Proper oral care for our pets includes brushing their teeth at home and taking them in for professional dental cleanings. We know that this practice is not very widespread, but we still must recommend always taking time and effort to care for your doggy teeth since they do need them for a very long time! 

When cleaning teeth on your Doxie, you need a fine brush, and you need to use it at least 3 times a week! As for toothpaste, you can always find some pet paste because human pastes are not good for them. When you get the brush and the right toothpaste, you need to take your doggo, talk to him gently, and slowly show them what you are about to do. Try to brush a little in the front and then in the back, but make sure to calm your dog to avoid possible problems or even injuries.

An alternative to brushing Dachshund’s teeth is to try some of the chewable dental stix for dogs or even pet teeth gels; you can even find chewing toys for cleaning teeth. Before getting into this teethy business, ask your veterinarian for advice!

Dachshund space shop Dachshund bath - all you need to know!

Dachshund bath doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

If you follow our little dachshund bath and cleaning guide, this process doesn’t have to include water everywhere, splashing foam, barking and yelling, and just fur and shampoo all over the place! The doggy bath can be enjoying time for your doggo and you, and you can even connect more and build some pretty strong trust! It is important to pay attention to your hot dog’s behavior, and if they are upset, you should try to calm them or just move the bathing time to some other day! 

If you make this cleaning process fun, they will be all aboard for some fun time and games in the water and foam. So try to be positive, use all of your tricks and distractions, and make bathing your Doxie an unforgettable moment of joy! 

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