Can Dachshunds swim and how to teach them?

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  1. Are Dachshunds good swimmers?
  2. What if my Doxie doesn’t want to swim?
  3. How to teach Dachshunds to swim?
  4. Is swimming beneficial for dachshunds?
  5. Alternative ways to have fun in the water with your Doxie

Let’s get into the love-hate relations between Dachshunds and swimming and resolve the mystery! Do Doxies love to swim and how can you teach them:

Are Dachshunds good swimmers?

Are Weiner dogs born aquatic or simply enjoy lounging poolside with their sunglasses on? The truth is somewhere in the middle!

These four-legged wonders may not be the best swimmers out there, but they sure know how to make a splash. Their situation is a little bit different then the Bulldog issue, for example. The bulldogs are quite poor swimmers because of their broad chests and short necks, but you can find more about then in this text: 

While Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers, their swimming skills were more like “sinking skills.” However, some dachshunds have embraced their inner paddle enthusiast and are now deemed honorary members of the swim team!

Some experts say that the breeds that have lower and longer bodies, like our little fellows, are not meant to be swimmers. But some Weiners have turned their torpedo-like body to their benefit and are pretty good swimmers!

So, we can say that not all hot dogs are water lovers, but you can teach them, and they can enjoy it if you are with them!

What if my Doxie doesn’t want to swim?


Just like humans, Dachshunds can have their own reasons to avoid swimming. Some dachshunds are simply not fans of getting their paws wet and would rather preserve their dryness. Plus, let’s not forget the dreaded wet dog syndrome

Wet dog syndrome is not a joke, and trust us, some pups find it very difficult to overcome. This syndrome occurs when a dog gets wet in the belly and legs area, and then they can hardly walk and are under great stress. This phenomenon affects smaller dog breeds like our Doxies, and they can experience training degradation, avoid getting out in the rain, and fear of the water in general.

There is also water fatigue as another genuine concern since Dachshunds have short legs, making swimming a tiring endeavor. They can get exhausted, disoriented, and sick since they have spent their straight on paddling. 

So if your doxie avoids the water, remember they might be secret admirers of the dry land. Still, do not be discouraged; you can do so much fun stuff near water that don’t include swimming!

How to teach Dachshunds to swim?


Now, if you’re determined to turn your dachshund into an aqua-loving adventurer, here’s a step-by-step guide to wet whiskers:

  • Start shallow: Introduce your furry friend to the shallow end of a kiddie pool or a calm piece of water. It’s essential to build their confidence gradually and let them dip their cute toes into the water little by little!
  • Life-saving vests: Just like humans wear floaties, dachshunds can benefit from life-saving vests too. These fashionable and functional accessories ensure safety, giving you peace of mind while your pup is figuring out the doggy swimming style!
  • Freshwater Oasis: Provide fresh water for your dachshund during swimming sessions to prevent them from ingesting salt or chlorinated water. 

Life-saving wests are a must if you are trying to train your hot dog to swim! This piece of equipment will give them a sense of safety, and they will be more confident about exploring the water. We have mentioned the freshwater – you may think that your furry friend will know better than to drink from the pool or the sea, but be sure that they will try, and that can have bad consequences on their health. So be sure to give them all-time access to their weather bowl!

One more important thing to know is that if you notice that your doggo is not excited to go into the water, you need to give them time. If you rush them or throw them in the pool, you may be the cause of their fear and future avoidance of the water, even when it is bathing time. So, be careful, patient and give them time!  

Is swimming beneficial for dachshunds?

Absolutely! Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise for Dachshunds. It helps build their muscle strength and keeps their adorable sausage-shaped bodies in tip-top shape. 


Swimming also provides relief for joint problems and supports weight management, ensuring your Doxie stays fit for more playtime. This is extremely important to know because Dachshunds are prone to obesity since they have small bodies. Also, one of the greatest health issues that can find our little goofy friends is spine problems. Swimming can prevent this kind of problem and provide not just fun but also healthy exercise!

So why not splash into some aquatic fun and unleash the hidden mermaid inside your wiener dog?

Alternative ways to have fun in the water with your Doxie

If your dachshund isn’t keen on swimming or you’re looking for ways to mix it up, we offer you some alternatives! There are plenty of water-related activities that will make your dog’s tail wag with joy. 

Grab a hose and engage in some epic water fights in the backyard. Or, fill up a kiddie pool with balls for a playful treasure hunt. Remember, the key here is to unleash your imagination and create watery wonders that your dachshund will adore, no matter how adventurous they choose to be!


Isn’t it adorable to see how persistent your Doxie is to run over the water slide but just keep sliding? They enjoy this kind of activity since it will cool them down on warm days and provide the fun and exercise they love!

So, whether your Doxie goes for the gold or prefers the dry lands, remember to embrace their unique relationship with water. Be their support, enjoy your time in and out of the water, and we guarantee that you will be happy, swimming or not!

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