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Do Dachshund shed and is that a problem?

Dachshunds space shop so dachshund shed and is that a problem

Table of Contents

  1. Do Dachshunds shed, and how much?
  2. Which type of Dachshund breed is shedding the most?
  3. Can shedding be a sign that something is wrong?
  4. What to do if your Doxie is shedding, and how to prevent it?
    1. Types of brushes for Dachshunds and shedding issue

Do Dachshund shed and how much shedding is ok in Doxies? How can you prevent it, and what are some of the best tricks for this problem? Let’s find out:

Do Dachshunds shed, and how much?

Ah, the adorable Dachshund, also known as the Wiener Dog or the Sausage Dog. These little hot dog-shaped cuties have won the hearts of many dog lovers around the world. But let’s talk about the fur on the floor, or should we say shedding! Do Dachies shed, and what can we expect when this issue is on the line? Well, first of all, yes – Dachshunds do shed, just like any other breed. But fear not, for it’s not always a major catastrophe! 

The shedding in this breed is normal; we could even say it is less than with some other species, but that also means that our weiners are not hypoallergenic. Doxies shed all year round, but in some periods, a bit more, and some types of Dachshunds more than others. Here is what we are talking about:

Which type of Dachshund breed is shedding the most?

Now, Dachshunds come in three fabulous coat varieties: smooth-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. As luck would have it, the long-haired variety sheds the most. It’s like they have this secret superpower of spreading their hair everywhere they go. Plus, their hairs are pretty long and easily seen, so it s not easy to hide like in smooth-coated types. The truth is, this kind of Hot dog mostly has a thick undercoat. That is the reason why they shed twice a year, and you really do need to get your grooming and hair stylizing skills on track!


Smooth-haired Doxies are probably considered the least shedding kind of the breed, but the truth is that they shed just as any other dog. They only have such small hairs that they are not easily seen, so you don’t really notice how much they shed! 

The least shedding type of Dachie is – Wire-haired dachshund! Even though they do have crazy hair day every day, end even their whiskers and eyebrows are fluffy – they shed much less than their cousins. 

Still, no matter which type of cute little wiener you have, prepare to vacuum, groom them, and love every moment of it!


Can shedding be a sign that something is wrong?

Okay, so your Dachshund is shedding more than you think is normal? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Sometimes, dogs tend to start shedding more because of various causes. Most often, the over shedding is caused by:

  • Stress, 
  • Wrong diet program or some health issues
  • Bad cosmetics
  • Different times of a year

Most likely, the bigger amount of shedding is caused by the time of the year, especially in the spring or late fall. Those are the seasons when many dog breeds tend to shed more, and our floppy-ear friends are no exception! 

Bad cosmetics can also cause excessive hair loss in Dachies; that is why you should always ask your Vet about the products before using them.

Stress is very common in dogs and can trigger many different problems, and hair loss is among them. Most likely, hair loss will occur in bald spots when stress is the cause, but the experts will know what is best to do in that case.

In some cases, hair loss in the ears or tail can be a sign of parasites like scabies, and you definitely need to take action wry fast!

No matter the cause, if you notice that your little Weine is losing too much hair, it is time to visit your Vet!

What to do if your Doxie is shedding, and how to prevent it?


Daily brushing is key to keeping the shed-fest under control. Arm yourself with a good quality dog brush and channel your inner hairdresser. Embrace the grooming sessions as an opportunity to bond with your little furry friend. Oh, and don’t forget the treats – bribes, and rewards go a long way while dealing with stubborn tangles! These are your go-to tricks when you need to brush them, and they are still focused on running or playing with their toys and accessories!  

You can also use their “calm time” in their comfy dog bed to sit with them and brush them, collecting all the excess hair that would fall out all around the house!

No matter what your tactics are, if you want to prevent and reduce the shedding in your Dachshunds, you need to:

  • 1. Brush them regularly, 
  • 2. Bathe them often, 
  • 3. Cut and groom their coat as often as needed, 
  • Love them no matter what!

Types of brushes for Dachshunds and shedding issue

When we talk about shedding, you must know that there are various types of brushes for combing your Doxie, and it varies on the coat type. So if you have a smooth-haired Dachie, you should consider short, rubbery brushes or gloves that will get all the hair in one spot.

If you have long haired weiner, the best brush t choose is a slicker brush with longer bristles.

For wire-haired hot dogs, use the fine-toothed comb that will do the job without plucking hair!


In conclusion, shedding is a part of life, so embrace the shedding adventure, invest in a good vacuum cleaner, brush, and patience! Remember, Dachshunds bring us so much joy that a bit of fur here and there is a small price to pay for their unwavering love and undeniable cuteness!

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